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Winning Over the Roulette Wheel

Although roulette is a game of pure luck and chance, there are some ways in how you can win over a roulette wheel, but you must have the virtue of patience to be able to do this. You have to wait earnestly and wait for hundred spins before you begin making huge profit. This is all about the "charting" of the wheel.

You may ask how to win in a roulette game? The answer is biased wheels. A roulette wheel has 38 pockets. When the roulette ball falls down into a particular pocket, the players are being paid based on the number of the pocket. Ignore first all the different kind of bets and just concentrate on the "straight up" bets, these are bets placed on a single number. By this, you are paid 35 to one the moment your number comes up. For example, you get about $35 for every dollar that you bet. In here, you will realize that there is a house advantage. However, what if there are some numbers that would come out often? For instance, the number 7 comes up once in every 29 spins. When you place a bet of $10 on that particular number every time, you will lose that bet 28 times or as much as $280 for every 29 spin. But when you win even just once, you will win $350. Thus, in this scheme you are making $70 for every 29 roulette spins.

You may ask yourself if how is it possible that a particular number comes up more often than it should? Well, nobody cares actually. The only explanation for this is that the events in a roulette is purely independent and it is just by mere chance that a number comes up more often than any other numbers. Some say that it has something to do with the manufacturing of the pockets. That these pockets were not properly manufactured, than one pocket is larger and the other is smaller. Some even says that some of these pockets do have sticky pop in it that is why it is easy to catch the ball. That doesn't make any sense because the truth is biased wheel do exists.

Casinos really doesn't allow this to happen, but, as you may know roulette wheels nowadays are too expensive that they are not replaced on a daily basis unlike the dice and the cards. This would ,mean that if there's a bias wheel expect that it would last for months.