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Three Simple Rules to Make Money in Roulette

Roulette is a fascinating game to play, which doesn't really call for a lot skill from its players. Some have even wondered how one can make money in roulette. With that in mind, you might recall one or two advertisements saying they have a roulette playing system that is guaranteed to make you win.

Since people want to make money in roulette, we should expect that there will be those who would try to take advantage and capitalize on it. Thus we find a proliferation of so called sure fire winning roulette systems. Unfortunately, most of these roulette systems won't give you your desired profits.

If you're wondering why such roulette systems are unable to deliver their promised results, the reason is that their claims are bogus. If they show statistics and all that crazy jumble of numbers you already know it's phony. Such systems veer away from the sheer simplicity of the game. They take for granted that each spin of the wheel will yield utterly random results. This means that there is no pattern or statistic that can be applied to the outcome of each spin of the wheel.

If you really want to make money in roulette you should rather work with the particulars about the game. There's no way you can manipulate the odds since it is fixed at 50/50. You can map out the patterns in the winning numbers but you can not keep them as historical data. With a practical strategy, you may not be manipulating the odds or predicting a specific pattern but you are taking the most profitable route to make money in roulette.

To really make money in roulette you should play along the lines of the lowest house edges. Playing against a low house edge gives you the best ways to win in a game of this category. The first rule therefore is to only play roulette with a European wheel. The house edge for a European wheel is only at 2.7% while an American wheel has a 5.26% house advantage.

Another thing you should do to make money in roulette is be picky with your bets. You should avoid placing wagers on bets that have high house edges including the single number bets. Another wager everyone should avoid making is the five number bet.

The even money bets have the lowest house edge in this game. If you want to make money in roulette then you should make these wagers instead. Even money bets have odds of winning at 45%, which makes them really low risk wagers.

These three simple rules to make money in roulette take advantage of the low house edge opportunities of the game. They are the smarter alternative to advertised roulette systems.