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Following the History of the Game of Roulette

Roulette is a very exciting game that features a lot of energy and gives players the opportunity to feel different emotions and experience various wagering opportunities. Although Roulette seems to be a game for the rich and famous, it can be played by anyone regardless of their background and social status. Roulette, which is the French word for small wheel, is widely believed to have evolved from the ancient game "the Wheel". There are also rumors that the inventor of the game killed himself because they are unable to win over the game itself. But the most widely accepted belief about the game is that it came from China and was introduced to the west by travelers from China.

Some people believe that the game was invented by French Monks to break the monotony of monastery life. But the evolution of roulette is mainly because of French scientist and well-known philosopher Blaise Pascal during the 1600's A.D. It is believe that in 1657, Blaise Pascal solve a mathematical problem that have given scientists problems for quite some time. It is about the answer to the equation of a curved path made by a snail that climbs and drops on the path. It is said to be that this is where Pascal get the idea about the game.

Roulette was first offered in a casino facility in Persia, while the game made its initial appearance in France in 1765 at a casino Paris. French brothers Francois and Louis Blanc in 1842 discovered the single zero in the game. Because of the gaming ban in France, the roulette game with a single zero was first offered in Hamburg, Germany. Francois then introduced the game in the southern area of France while he was there as a guest of Prince Charles of Monaco.

While the game of roulette first made its initial appearance in the United States during the 1900's, the roulette wheel that has the double zero was launched. For a time, there is also roulette wheel that has three zeros, which had a bad effect on the game since there are no players that are willing to play such roulette wheel. Some players in the U.S. like playing Craps, Poker and Blackjack so roulette did not spread immediately. The European variation of the roulette wheel is the most popular variation of roulette today because of its small casino edge and it will not affect the chances of the player on winning something from the game that they are currently playing.